1/2 episodes connected by a fine silver chain

Yester-noon laying up in Bill Schaaf's truck (of 94706-2143), a habitual resting place of a venerable copy of Science & Health, I remembered having one of it's beautiful sentences pointed out to me through the CS reading room(-2148)'s glass plate (was it just the night before?). bright sparks shining mistily out from the ice-cube like the next-door jeweler's charms! On the page facing the first S&H bit from the featured Bible Lesson we saw: "By trusting matter to destroy it's own discord, health and harmony have been sacrificed." On second reading, in the truck, I thought of GK Chesterton who might really think what I think he thinks: by our senses we apprehend an incomplete and incommensurable system. solve the puzzle by adding the least number of things: God

Meow, morning!