barely heard Sound of kitty drinking in the bathroom while central heater crackles down from shut-off between us, (went to look to make sure!),
Sound of laminar boiling- frozen dumplings after being pan fried have water added and boiled off- like sound of 259 bubbling, pattern formation in seashells, big ones wiping away little ones momentarily.

Franz LM-3 metronome (always makes me think of Thomas Bonvalet: made of an historic plastic, with a hygienic impermeable surface, can be stopped by tilting over the last tick) sits nicely in tektronix letter-series plug-in bin. Two-level pulse I/O on red banana jack to Dimco-Gray Gralab 300 and oscillator controller, kicks in surreally with multirate bass. playing 'snare-steadies' listening to piano music on microgroove LP w/ EQ way rolled off: some drummers are like tape splicers!

records of the moment: DJ Ordeal -seagull, Crawling With Tarts -operas, Cecil Taylor -indent, HavoheJ !, high blends on Muhal Abrams' JaDoThu at half speed.. Columbia microgrooves: mm728 mm749 x177; DISC 770