sports'car with crackle

postscript drawing of arrows with loops and long sparse averaging-near-zero turn functions, crimp functions, hair drawing, generative,unreal  (1:1 scan,size)

explicit construction of the broken states to which we may arrive in ease, making them contiguous with the normal states, border crosser erasing. broken could mean paranormal, introducing patterned sensations yet unmodeled, and when examined irrelevant to our model of the real as already understood reflexivity.
broken relative to a model (Peter Naur's people's tools(')-problems(') unit) escaping in a direction
(dedicated among other things to Naur's appreciation of data enacting tools(')-probblems)

I have presented in that video accidentally a part of what I really would like to say, presented as an actuality living inside confusion what I would like to present durably if in durable form, meaning a durable confusion or destructuring, which when projected or lifted to multiple surfaces(manifolds) mightn't collapse

accidentally, but not an accident to be revealed far in the future, but just now