Respighi's "Pini presso una catacomba" accompaniment for replacing my desk in it's home position over the indigos (it's been on the road with me). first and most naturally with Seiji Ozawa's version conducting the BSO on Deutsche Grammophon (2530 890), then listened to the same on Angel 134443 (Muti conducting Philadelphia orchestra) and Everest 3436 (Horvat conducting Zagreb philharmonic orchestra).. both a bit dumb sounding after Ozawa.. I remember two other versions I didn't have to hand, but already with these three I had a lot of fun. it's been a long time since I got into this, but mostly the records are there on the shelf: the few hits I always picked up when I saw a version cheap: Grand Canyon Suite, Holst's Planets, etc... in retrospect I must have been interested in that low range of the orchestra, and the sort of haze of recording it. maybe that's where also variations in feel is easiest for me to detect?  opening of Tannhauser at Bayreuth LP, the haze of shepard's flute and a muffled cough from the audience