In Training


Everyone will tell you you're wrong. As the captain, like we see Picard commanding Jake Kurland, there is only one victory.
for those who have seen but do not recall Picard commanding Kurland, recall now that during an episode-long probing review of his leadership ability and loyalty to, and vision of, the ideals of Starfleet, all were surprised by young Kurland's impulsive theft of a shuttle-craft to 'run away'. While the lead investigator blocks his view of the situation and continually harasses him with disparagements of his ability, Picard adresses himself to Kurland, who has lost control of the stolen shuttle and is heading for seemingly assured destruction. Picard, over the shouts of the inquisitor, commands Jake with only words through space to take the absolute wrong action in the opinion of every other sentient aware of the situation including Jake himself: to fly directly at the planet below.


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I should note here that the entire series of new comps is dedicated to Rey Freeman King, whose comps I used to buy at the Ashby flea market as a kid opened my imagination. The print versions of these come inscribed with sharpie by XYZ-plotter running font data abstracted from Rey's handwriting from those old cassettes and VHSes. He has a single stroke capital 'E' like a backwards '3'. right fashion sense