more house equations

well, just came across Georg Pick's Theorem relating lattice points (columns) to areas, and somehow coprimality (GCD) -- I like this pop book of Keith Ball's quite a bit so far. It's nice having lattices stay on so long, giving a chance for neighbors to drop by. Today's office hours saw an old friend come by, looking a bit worse for wear: 6 progressively moth-eaten leftovers were all the networked evidence I could find of the cover I drew for the Curtains' FAST TALKS. At least they were all still square, and enough to point out the lattice has been on my mind quite a while now. Someday I'll post up a one-step-bigger-along-the-progression scan of this old friend, and perhaps the same week I'll figure out how to post a few stills from "Mystery Liner" showing 3 peacoats' 6 parallels becoming a swimming lattice itself.
Buckminster Fuller made much of the exponentiations of 1001, I wonder if he ever tried something like 0x1001^2, 0x1001^3 ... gets a whole lot of numbers looking pretty good, namely all the (x^3)+1's. I'm not just posting to make fun with Bucky, but out of myself too, as I find myself doing 10901*91, 109901*91, 1099901*91, wondering if there's some closed-ish positional number system with unequal steps. Do you know how to say what I mean?