feels a little like the philatelic cat exhibit I mentioned but without depth. I would only have noticed after the cat stamp experience; there are many like that.

cat feet

always barefoot for one.
kitty, as I, likes stepping on paper over carpet.
cardboard. casio CZ-1 button field. 12" powerbook keys

I like to feel several layers one on another, shoe on paper on carpet on carpet.
which combine well? longer lists?

clothes stored wrapped in medium stiff paper.
My cat also likes biting and playing with crinkly materials: ribbons, wrapping paper, plastic food packaging, plastic bags. [the sound of boiling tea with milk spattering up onto the hot dry metal sides, the sound of plastic bags.] I tried giving her sheets of dried seaweed, but it's not quite right

Spaghetti Charlie's

spaghetti, tomato sauce with grinded coriander while
1 Allan Bryant - Manon (The Moon) First
2 FAT - Mamihlapinatapel
3 Frankie Bones - Acid Break (from Bonesbreaks volume 3)
4 Rekorder 5.2
talking to Max Seeger
5 Anthony Manning - Chromium Nebulae Two
the Armenians walk in. I'm surprised to see them!
maybe get some checkers ready. and have some fruit liquor ready for when they finish, happily avoiding their gaze
6 Muslimgauze - Basra
[at this time of writing I've just poured the last EKU 28 into the Canberra tankard 6'35"]
Muslimgauze - Azzazin, Sectors 1-9,A-D
until my ride comes