How Much Vacation

How Much Vacation do you need?
may be clarified as " achieve such-and-such"
this question is coming while laying facing back, the question is coming from above and away like slow (half second) exponential attack falling in pitch to target, internal motion, naturalistic sudden stop. these have shapes like long tubes to the flare of trumpet mouths. several notes (more than three), one after the other and passing non conflicting trajectories, well spaced. [relation to concatenated scans in filming an object: Clipson, Ruiz, Kamler. many others. list]
other notes may be 'The Flower of Crime' (like 'In the Solvent of the Moment')

you don't know about Breakfast

well History!
from Titus Burckhardt's Alchemy "hope [. . .] to rescue the spiritual horizon proper to alchemy - the 'royal art' - from the misleading simplifications inevitably attendant upon a purely historical approach. Just as objects in space appear smaller the farther away they are, so whatever is distant in time appears to us reduced and simplified in form - and the greater the spiritual gap between one age and another, the more this is so."
that SST Slovenly has more to do with Black Tambourine than anyone I hear talking about bt now.
what is similar?
changing way of hearing- house music, the difference between what I was attracted to when I started to enter the field, and what I am attracted to now. some mystery of speech about tracks from full term