(IF) I can tell him what's wrong with him better than he can tell me. more convincingly

hillcats watching.
have graduated from thinking while driving of cats running out in front, from watching where they might be coming from, to imagining still cats watching me going by. that everywhere there are noble cats watching me as I go. in form and moving how express and admirable! in Action, how like an Angel! in apprehension, how like a God" I imagine now to be descriptions not to be piled on all at once, but describing modes. the cat while sitting and contemplating is in god like thought, in moving is only moving, beautifully

dedicated to Capitan Picard, hope he sees it

Best Editions

I forgot to mention in the 'best books' (GoogleAnswers) discussion to mention the related question of Best Editions. my dad's search for certain editions of The Merck Index; parallel reading of early and revised editions of Delany's  Towers trilogy, diamond man showing me facsimile pages from an early edition of Dana's Mineralogy in Tucson, with better illustrations..
[note file]
strange analogy between editions and crystal forms, elucidated by collector not of rare minerals, but rare forms. who I'd like to meet

Geheimrat, Geheimer Rat