adding light to heat

The night my car first wouldn't start I shined my phone's light into the engine compartment and was convinced that some large part was missing. I later realized it only looked different because I was comparing it to my sunlit memories. The phone's backlight penetrated the surface the sun had made showing me the pavement under the engine I'd not seen so much of before.

Taking a shower in my elliptical bathtub a night after a morning one I played at making waves as I had then and saw them so differently: again the artificial light penetrated a surface the sun had made while it was up. My sunlit waves reflected crosses, while the night waves lensed the vanity lighting into bouncing lassos.

So I found different kinds of light to go along with the kinds of heat I've been thinking of for years: sun-heat, fire-heat, steam-heat, water-heat, air-heat. Bath-heat warming me up while I read Carroll's Circular Billiards or wonder on what someone's mom once told me about the chaos bouncing around inside the slightly imperfect ellipse. Better to feel!

This second I wonder about kinds of cold!