Celebration Postcard #6 !!

I'm writing this quick note to tell you I finally found the Canberra promotional tankard I told you about!! the one my dad gave me. He got it at a conference. I think Canberra makes mass spec machines like he buys for his lab, so they gave him this cool tankard that he brought home to me as a present. I remember it had a little tag or something on it explaining that it was made out of a special metal that absorbed the taste of what ever you habitually put in it, so you should only use it for one type of drink, whatever was your favorite. (at least that's what I understood as a kid, but I think I was right. I've since lost the little note) That made it my favorite mug, but I never used it because I was debating what to put in it, and thinking of the future, when I might get into some adult drinks, etc.. (I think the note mentioned types of ales)
I was really considering Ah!-Laska mint hot chocolate, but the store we got it at  stopped carrying it. So I never used it and it got put away somewhere, and I've looked here and there for it on and off in the years since then. found it today, still unused! Love, Yasi

This gold-covered Skylab Orbital Workshop was the back-up for the 1973-74 Skylab project. Three crews of astronauts lived and worked in Skylab. The longest mission was almost 3 months.
Electrical energy is provided  by 140,000 solar cells in the wing attached to the side. Below is the multiple docking adapter through which the crews entered the spacecraft. 

speaking of lockboxes

pursuing the idea of time-ratings for safes, I'd imagined a safe whose dial sets a time after which the safe will open. something like a microwave I suppose.
nice night-light experiences leading me to work on advancing darkroom timers' routing conceptions now. looking for prior art in the 70's chemistry lab, 80's(?) X10 home automation, 90's(?) lighting show control, and where else ? particular moments in the spread of embedded microprocessors yielding degree of modularity.
I like how motorcyclists decorate their helmets with stickers] where the stickers go.
ask Dick Termes!