Fuck J B this is Rey King !!

Rey King sent me a review copy of his new book months ago.
It is fantastic.

He posted to his [electricchurch] yahoo group:
I attended the Pagan festival in Berkeley last week. It was fascinating and the music was great. I actually sold more books there than at the Anarchist convention and the Peoples Park celebration combined. Next: Berkeley world music festival Saturday, June 5th @ Peoples Park, Berkeley, Ca. 12 noon to 6pm. Go to my booth and mention this message and you will get a free copy of my new graphic novel featuring the new adventures of Jimi Hendrix! (donations accepted)

Well, I read it and it's truer than you might imagine at first to call them the new adventures of Jimi Hendrix. I think Rey King is Jimi Hendrix except he doesn't play guitar. Everything you know about Jimi but simultaneously magnified and diminished because you never really knew him.

Regarding Rey at the Pagan festival-- he's contributed several beautiful illustrations to various Pagan Tongue publications. He's not in every issue I've been able to find, but spread around enough to give me the impression that he was present. And that present is in his new book too.

I won't even tell you what his book is called- figure it out. Fight and Learn! Pagans have been the fastest growing religious community within the US Armed Forces forever

Meat and Time

Meat is murder. Fake meat is also founded on murder, but at a distance you can't do anything about. Someone once killed and ate, killed to eat, for the fake meat to exist. Does this prove our unproved conceptions of history and time?

speaking of inverts

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Eyes Open Closed 4x4
Breasts painted to resemble eyes

On the whole, which figure most accurately describes how often people sleep per day, once or twice?