very small patterning extraction , printing, wheatpaste in food-grade godwaffle-reproduction bucket.
fixed width masking tape seams in rosin paper sleeves gowns
\a noise generator in TeX
% To exploit the whole possible range and guarantee good performance,
% $a$ and $m$ are set as follows:
% $a = 7^5  \; = 16807$ and $m  = 2^{31}-1 \; = 2147483647$ and
% this gives $q=127773$ and $r=2836$.  \uniform deviates, and a
\Red 182 LBS Buckram library binding: IRCAM report#30: panoplie
and of course the rubbed copy of Volume 2:
   Seminumerical Algorithms broken set, only travel with one

as Thorndyke's tools, his friend imagined Tao Gan's shape changing toolkit, light blue cloth, with bamboo staves inside, making variable edges and solidity (Van Gulik's Judge Dee). So we make a house like this