Ascendency of Teal

LePen, Sweatshirt (teal)
appreciation in others
Admiration of the principal and organization of gamelan
[Richard Feliciano's In Celebration of Golden Rain]
hope for the future


I've written before here about a couple ways of getting excited about things being the same size or fitting together or being commensurate, but there's still to pin down a very significant difference in orientation between them. just now I've buried my recently unearthed lego ruins into a old toy zen rock garden of my mom's. glad they fit in one another, because this allows seeing both, makes them somehow transparent. this version of commensurability relates to the segments about 'how many things can you feel?' and 'sensory combination, Jerry Hunt':
-pressing outside ezra's case and feeling the ascii keyboard keys and the uneven legs and sprung upholstery of the stool below;
-feeling several carpets on top of one another lightly, through paper and sock;
-sounds of cloth-metal, establishment of characters in combination in working on Jerry Hunt's John Dee (how many things can you hear?)

the ruins are of a house I don't remember finishing as a kid, now reduced to the foundations of walls and remains of some built in furniture, like a real excavation site. some things are surprisingly real: a room with a computer and control stick with a heater or speaker (or both in combination among other possibilities) on the floor, and a bed-mat behind opposite in the same room. more of course. maybe want candles ?