lovely day!
angle of light showing dusts moving slowly, remembering angle of light that shows deformations in paper around printed letters when reading Judge Dee- another well lit day, two afternoons but it is actually morning when I get up
can a metronome know things like that?
to my friend Eric King with whom I've often discussed the 'foggy clock', and I think often disappointed by not doing anything about it, (and to many others:) I see now- when a child is happy watching a grown up do something for themselves, privately, which the child can also approximate, bouncing a ball, hammering, stirring some batter, any number of things. the grown-up may look up and notice their audience, and call the child over and say 'here you wanna try?', and either the kid says no smiling a big smile, or allows the adult to sort of put the spoon in her hand, and the child just perfunctorily wobbles her hand a little , still not much distracted from the beatific contemplation, still smiling up at the adult, who still doesn't know whats happened

my best new years' resolution was to not burn my mouth with hot drinks and food. now I'm searching in my mind for, for example, failures on a similar time-scale, or progressively related regions. reorganization of failures on similarly sized category, and perhaps a way to see them all together
(new years' pride that the child story come not from local observation)

so it's not complete new year, for me yet. perhaps cameras?
wonder when it'll come in relation to the Tucson mineral show, with what light it will be lit
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