example 2.00.1 Love-words!

love, love love love love-- love-love, love. Love. not-mushy love. ..seriously, love, break-point; love-love. love all.

I re-messed my knee. it always happens when I'm screwing around, this time it was not when I was actually playing tennis, but when I ran over to fetch a ball that had rolled over into the neighboring territory. I think there's some telekinesis by which my attention holds the knee together, and when it falters, it falls apart. the knee brace works by focusing my attention where it's needed


What is fun? part 2

someone write me software to read and replace every word I produce with distinct instances of the word "love" (all nice instances). that's the blog I mean, not this skeleton

What is fun?

Scooped up Jessica Rylan last night from castle-2, two walks up from humble roots (pie maker's haven, among MANY other things), and toured the ville. We had fun when driving and letting the car stereo sing out, but elsewise, what happened?! stork club, top dog, pub; holes all. But what's the difference really? destructured? danger? control? exhortation! something in the swerving car helps.

ended the night turning the Nirvana tape down, in the face of some other true beauty: deer. which makes it sound like prior we were doing nothing but shouting and jumping, which may or may not be true, but I'll say that's not what I really want but quietness. start acting like it, dear


Bought my first essential oil directly after last posting -- Benzoin. I had a vague and pretty immediately controverted idea of what to expect of it based on reading up on occulted sense data. Seems Benzoin used to be a common concoction, some pointing to it as a primary scent-note, others calling for it in ritual practices, but I've not heard much at all of it from contemporary sources. The past masters talk led me to expect a much simpler sensation, but on first sniff it seemed to me compounded of complexities -- perhaps I'm getting tripped up on reductionist eigenvector thinking and ought to just sniff again. If I'm not willing to raise new non-orthogonal percepts to basis-status I oughtn't even start. or perhaps one part of me can drag the rest on to a new way without cooperation..perhaps even a very little part.

speaking of orthogonality, listen to this body music: poincarre says something like "space is not isotropic/uniform, but has as many dimentions as I have muscles," which is all nothing but an exhortation to try harder, so let's sniff: call the study group