But the way, what do you call two shapes made by slicing a cylinder at an angle, made to rotate relative to each other about their once shared symmetry axis for the purpose of producing a rising motion? It has something to do with saloon doors, but probably much more to do with something simpler. I'd like to know.

Sayers and other hopefuls

Not having a very good idea what to do, I've fallen back on some standards as evidenced last post. One I've yet to mention is a pile of Dorothy Sayers' books in my favorite avon edition; the one with covers marked by concentric circles and episode numbers. Having recently passed through 'Have His Carcase''s beautifully involved passage describing a Playfair decipherment, I fished out a Dover edition of Helen Fouche Gaines' Cryptanalysis from under the wicker couch where I'd left it so many bedtimes ago, and had a look through the early chapters discussing scrambling operations which finally struck me for the first time as related to the duration-scrambling I've been up to recently. It'll be time to pack the car again soon, and I wonder if Gaines will make it in. (the idea will at least)

Last night I finally got the power up to fetch a few CDs from out of my old room, and of these I also wonder if they'll follow along on the drive south: Revenge, Conqueror, Blasphemy, Bestial Warlust, Black Witchery, Havohej

These two families of aspiring itinerants don't seem to have much in common, and perhaps they don't: will I be able to will one thing someday? Though I sometimes demand purity in the form of solidity and stability the same everyday, I don't think it's a question of finding space in me for different things, but just looking on them with spacious eyes. could be