working list Record Inverts

more record cover inverts:
Mortigor- Behind The Shadow Of The Forest
Conqueror/Black Witchery split- Hellstorm Of Evil Vengence (I love this record)
Korihor- Kult Razor (another record I love)
and these others I haven't heard yet
Melancholia- Blessed In Sin
Na Rasputje - Gde Zemlu Chranit Odejalo Snegov...
Vikingblood- Blutes Klagen
...Aaaaarrghh...- Ruhlar Fisildiyor
Lubrik Hate - Negative Destiny
Dødheimsgard - Kronet Til Konge
Olc Sinnsir - The Throne of Dead Emotions
Celtic Blood - Celtic Blood
Celtic Dance - Goddess Of A Thousand Knights
Obskene Sonare - Todnachten
Pogrom- Einenherbes Gesang
(Kill The Kristians - The Final Solution is the same inverted image)
and also Armaggedon / Kriegsgott split
Nacht und Nebel - Totalen Krieg
Menegroth - Gazourmah
Bloodthirst- Desekrate (color negative!!)
Master's Hammer - Ritual (color xor bonus cover)
Gorgoroth - Under the Sign of Hell
Trelldom - Til Minne...
Warage- 21st Century W.A.R.
Seamount- ntodrm
Shaarimoth- Current 11
Sunwheel- Monuments Of Elder Faith
Justus Ex Fide Vivit
Satanic Warmaster- Black Metal Massacre LIVE
Vociferian - Triumphant Usurper Beast
Totenburg- Pestpogrom
Totenburg / Antiphrasis split
Catasexual Urge Motivation - Rape Trauma Syndrome
Malignant Tumour - Get To Attack (split with Unholy Grave)
Malignant Tumour - Demo / Singles Collection '94-'98
Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ - Clitto's Special Hits Cover
Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ - Live in Riot City
Clotted Symmetric Sexual Organ - Grind Rock 2000!!
Somber Chemin / Ornaments of Sin split
Sombre Chemin / Crux Dissimulata split
Sombre Chemin / Peste Noire split
Völkermord- Völkermord
MG 42- Die Säge Mäht Noch Immer
Wolfsang / Rabenschrei - Split
Wolfnacht - Morgendammerung Der Heiden
Arysk - Devastation
Genickschuss - Ein Neuer Feind
Temnojar - Echo Of Hyperborea / Sieg - Der Weg Zum Polarstern split
Hagi- Hagi
Ebola- Destroy The Throne Of Nazarene
(Ebola- Infernal Revelation)
Sturmkaiser - 1945
Gontyna Kry - Na Pohybel Chrzescijanstwu
Gontyna Kry - Krew Naszych Ojcow , these white records kind of have the feeling.
Gorgoroth - Destroyer, or About How To Philosophize With The Hammer
Luten- Polagajas Tolko Na Sebja
Lug Rexer- Ancient Pride
Ewige Wiederkehr - Heldenschicksal
Kriegersseel / Thurisaz split (painted?!)
Vociferian - Beredsamkeit
Gungnir- Jewish Conflagration
Shade- ISA
Ornaments Of Sin- Inhale Zyklon-B
Nordmen - Vertus Guerrieres
Nervengas - Alpha Germania

I want to see the cover of Embrace Of Thorns's ...For I See Death In Their Eyes... a bit more clearly. I think I saw a big scan on the NWN forums once. Is it Chris Moyen? He's all pen, but still a little part of it. Of the more photographic of the covers, who's doing them? I imagine a culture of it quite sophisticated in areas I'm examining myself right now.

And all these symmetric looking logos make me think of and the sorts of things he describes learning about letter shapes by working on the inversions so that he can look at a band name and say 'oh, that's a good one!' I wonder if that's happened for black metal logo drawers, and what special sorts of things they know. might do to ask Master's Hammer:

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Terence Fixmer- Muscle Collection