Good for One Shower

instead of "in the heat of the moment"
In the Solvent of the Moment or could say Solute of the Moment
have heard the ancient greeks conceived events in time as approaching from behind and passing us

went out in the middle of my shower last night to pry up a big pumice from the front yard, brought it in and suddenly solved the little thing I've been wondering how not to scratch the bathtub. I had imagined maybe a layer of dirt, but a best first solution: two folded up towels under the rock.
good time listening to real Rocks music
air of gloom's meditation, eskimos&egypt, aura noir (released damnation), apostacy's oneiric storm, beyond possesion, black tambourine I Was Wrong, live Culturecide, FYP toss my cookies.. crimpshrine, dag nasty, void, hirax, naked agression..

same again this morning- Screeching Weasel doing Dingbat and then talking about You're telling me what's good for me!? How do you know what's good? I can't believe you're telling be what to believe! get away from me!! MyRight
so many ways to focus it! an outsider's distaste at Dingbat's openness
Spear of Longinus N.W.O. what is best in life?...
I Wanna Be Naked: I don't need no hang ups! framed in slowness. heaviness and thoughts

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