illiteracy legitamate

feeling for letters
do you have a language you are illiterate in? so that you know a language, but not how to write or read it. you have words, without any written aspect. I have literacy and almost-illiteracy. with which I can examine a little (resistant to too much) and see word-like preformations in my illiterate language, and find contradictions there, or rather clues that I have some system at odds with the system I know I have, the system I know about. something of sigils talk.
reading Lacan in 3d cutup style: by crossing my eyes. Burroughs says 'now let's see what it really says'
Peter Naur introspection of reading going beyond model of human activity as symbol processing.
these awesome deep house guys (Patrice Scott!!) going beyond model of what house is supposed to mean to deep feelings, permeating the layer of artificiality, which doesn't exist for them, only feelings and music! their titles for example are not of a set that constitute some model, but direct speech

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