panoply you can't make up

return after staying away for a while, things look different, but are much more than I could have remembered what they're different from without their reminder. kitty is smaller! and all night the toy keyboard was making occasional notes like a dripping faucet, a few different pitches always right around 500Hz, in an amazing kind of irregular distribution in time. I would never have guessed the notes would even be here when I came home, lasting longer than ever before (27 hours so far): new, and still familiar: where else would this be happening? thought about the distribution that might be a home sign. "home electronics" that produce a particular time course, a tick tock clock under a hot water bottle under a fuzzy towel for puppy's pillow, ding!740Hz.... 500Hz, 500Hz, 500Hz, 500Hz
responding to something, the house is settling
sound making a shallow declivity, ("ground hammock," "reminding of hazel's wallow")(sensation of subtle tilt)
souvenir/swatch-books (book-like-a-car, book-like-a-house, book-like-a-concert)

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