kinds of heat VI

note regarding Kinds Of Heat posts and investigations I have found something that perhaps should have been assumed from the premise and ways of talking: infrared radiation can be polarized! thus carrying some quality or coefficient which may serve to explain it's differentiation into kinds. To be examined the description shape implications of 'polarization' and how the shapes apply to a possibly structuring of the kinds of heat. more generally, an analysis of these shape domains (quartets, rings.. missing patches) and meanings in theories. the converse possible realization that after examining the structure of the kinds of heat (like laying out of the periodic table) it bears a structural relation to the shapes implied by the facts on polarization, and hence conclusion that the 'coefficient (sonantique)' is polarization, and therefore that ir may be polarized.
a book of just these shapes, and a longer appendix of further possibles, to be named later. I can see the fonts

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