taking books apart, putting in orbit, one field pages

how should things be treated, beyond correctly presevation
that they are combined, let to exist and live together, exchange contact (wind for plants)
what marrs are light and showing a airy travel, which are ugly and pressing clammy piled
mass of material in life, continuity and cohesion of invited substance, strength of attraction, holding and living as pull for these categorizations,
evenness of types, (chinese paper for example, packaging of poisonous food. like ?conceived?grux' evenness of handling political paper. Havel's power of the powerless)
slow unbinding of my books, loose pages
materiality flows curves
making mass electronic equipment separability

and to fix again some mishandling collapse, feeling crystals, [beauty-full orgonite] smells, cooking, smokes humidities fungshui vapors sounds
sunlight bending folding
light shows anything
bouncer-flappers streamers' waver

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