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squeezed out of mx an Husbands.jpg
                                      an /thumbs/Husbands.jpg an all-hell.jpg
talking about history vision of companies and record labels,
whose history we make by order and time of releases,
and model numbers, matrix numbers, call numbers, form numbers
And what do I think I am doing
do company
holds, everything else, AND their relations.
so biggest I make this relationships of model numbers
and numbers' meanings by what each is, particular products.
(and, a scansion for text)
SO, how would it be, that here I let slip ,af so long, no posts,
but now suddenly, Michael Hurley inverts?!
mean for that: a reburst -out an investigation series,
sign of friction, stick-slip buds in winter, one-chatt/er
/can yes the stream of numbers can have a suddenly
/diacritic marks, (schwerner talking, say) /JJEFFREY-interviewToD
Over-flow, residue, excitement,
holding the key tightly with both hands up pressures cross and the key flips
recatch it infront again, wonder at my own clutch! and tell to loosen
honest investigator admits interest-position
share surprise
"a face made up by what is acceptable,"shows sunbeam!
actually: how else could it be. plum blossoms
//cosmic alienage with time: to self formulation, friends

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