more use-attention notes

round drum stick tips regularize the sound, reducing variation by stick angle.
sort Cosmetic's brushes bring feeling out to looking on.
buying of glitter paper yesterday, specular reflections reject first store's product.
method of forming ensemble statistics of glitter orientations.
no store of the perspicacity
who would know where to buy the different disposition qualities of glitter paper?
who collects and practices answering such questions?

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yasi chrissy carellel pretty perera said...

from the lowe-receivers yahoo group:
Co-ax braid heated and dipped in rosin makes excellent solder wick. I bought some rosin from a local music shop. It comes in a little tin and is used by violinists and such. The shop assistant asked me what I wanted it for. She must have been able to tell I wasn't a musician. The answer surprised her, and I think she added it to her mental list of alternative uses for rosin.

John G4EDX