A Second Favorite

Isn't it nice to have a second favorite thing that perhaps can cast a light on your favorite?
Yesterday, after preamble (preamble is also very nice to have), I did not go past the exploratorium's 1DOF-inverted-pendulum (IP). many things can happen there. and when it was time for breaks there was a observation area below for watching other arms at it. The second favorite had it- a 2-plane-symmetric bench bench on wheels actuated by a very reducing gear train leading from a little hand crank spindle set in the top of the bench breaking the usual bench symmetry but not the extra one, leading the way like a train's stack towards the balcony over which the balancing arms show.
(first guess, second guess; preamble, favorite, second favorite. at first guess the reduction ratio was something like 1000:1)

While swinging and holding inversion I tried loosening body things, breathing, feeling my knees, as I have heard christine say about singing. Also introduced eyes closed, and alternate visual fixations. start A little study of the free sliding movements of the hinge point. Identification of persons by their pattern of corrections. (knock-box or knock-lock, and a safe breaker in that world, an impersonator at low-consciousness, maybe closer to a forger)

a favorite and a place from which to observe the favorite also nice
most direct observation of the bench's progress was found in the angle of my knees as I sat astraddle as over a 7½" gauge steam train. body concerns! Just before we had been in consultation with people looking at us as music-people which surprised me, that there even was something like that, a music person. now Laura was off in the sound-exhibits, but I with the first and second places, on the stair down from the balcony to the bench thought ? my category body person

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