making fun imaginative and most importantly impressive user interface for forensic image manipulation
like TV show detection threshold. the sounds of this imaginary computer program. sounds to describe latent data bits floating free of their mire... digital solvents, chemical reaction analogy sounds.. fizzing, ads for cleaning products, optics catalog ad sounds mirrors lenses..
an ebay auctioneer's face reconstructed by their reflections in images of shiny objects they've posted for sale-
idea completely divested of any scariness, any music cop show themes, put in place some microscope music? bagel shop music, just for fun background sounds atmospheres.. morning crowd sounds (?afternoon) voice barely pops out [those voices you are happily surprised get transcribed on to the closed captioning] happily requesting a code for the free-to-customers-wi-fi. scroll printer sounds. sounds of talking around snack table at sampling of technical conferences-- the era in which computer programming languages could be substituted for natural language requirements in Master's programs. a room full of people who did that. a dial to adjust just the sound of the snacks in this soundscape: more clinking, the value of the china on which the cheese is served, reduce gooyness, adjust into crumbling, into crackers. coffee service clinks. building AC sounds. model le corbusier air flows/ ancient air flows.

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