there Is a band like this

Oh, there's a band like this.
seems like they'd be loud, like you don't think so at first but then you go and they're louder than you thought, but it makes sense. Seems like they're into other things too, like.. well I can't tell exactly what they're into, but if you pick any particular thing I think I could tell you if they like it or what they might say. what they might be wearing to play the show, how they present themselves.
how they talk to each other

identifying certain melodies or riffs as belonging to a particular imaginary band, finding out certain things go together, same recording, same band, same song?
way of doing cover artwork: imagine doing something with the record, giving it to someone for example, or hurrying to open a next box of them to sell one, pulling at the kraft-paper tape filaments
which would entail imagining the record cover without attending directly to what it ought to look like. glimpse of the cover. several glimpses.
does he turn the record over, try to read the back? how do his eyes move/ where is the writing

blue question mark spray-painted on our jc-120 grill cloth

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